World’s Deadly Fashion Trends

Fashion is one of the greatest issues of mankind in the history but did you know that some of the fashion trends cause the death of many people through the history? Yeah, you read it right. There are some fashion trends wrote their names to the history with blood by causing the death of many women. So end this mystery and announce one of the world’s most deadly fashion trends until now. Perhaps some of you may already guessed it; it is the corsets!
The corsets were helping to women to have the hourglass form with their bodies during the reign of Queen Victoria and they were the symbol of elegance and royalty. Therefore they were being used widely by many people. The corsets which were tightly tied to provide enough pressure to break the bones used to cause wearers to faint and pass away by slowing down the blood flow as well as some of the organs of the sufferer replace their places. One of the popular medicine magazines of the period, Lancet was discussing the disorders caused by the corsets as one of the deadly fashion trends but no one cared them. The recent death incident due to the corsets took place in 1903 when a metal stick sting to the sufferer’s heart.

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