Who is Coldplay?

In fact Coldplay is not a single person but a rock band which is United Kingdom originated. The founders of the rock band are the leading vocal Chris Martin and the guitarist of the band Johnny Buckland. The rock band founded in the year of 1996 and their first song was Pectoralz which managed to attract attention. The name of the rock band was also Pectoralz until their new member Guy Berryman joined to the band. After this time the name of the band changed as Starfish then the whole squad completed when the Will Champion joined to the band as a multi instrumentalist.
Coldplay changed it’s name to its current name from Starish in the year of 1998 and today they are one of the most known rock bands in the world. They attend to many festivals in each year and have more than hundred millions of sales in all around the world. Although the band is not that much active in these days when compared the past years, they still release singles and albums that can make their fans happy. In the event that you are looking for a new taste in music than this rock band can be a good choice.

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