What is expected in 2017, the music industry?

What will change in the music sharing and distribution, trends to watch in which direction, which way will rise?
In fact, to predict trends in music, literally impossible in our age. Nonetheless, some predictions about trends in the music world.
Festival, live stream
Coachella, Bonnaroo, many large festivals such as Glastonbury are doing it already. Especially Tomorrowland, “Ultra” as the biggest electronic music festivals, is very professional shooting and directing broadcasts. The goal is not in one place at the same time everywhere to experience the pleasure of live music. We can say simultaneously festival experience wherever you wear at home or headphones.
Rap music emerged as the oppressed in the world of music is widespread in all countries. In particular, the rebels presenting the musical approach of street youth trends, the black-white racial disparity in europe, germany, german and other races such as ethnic structures such as decomposition in the oppressed side of the music and a rising trend as an opposition to life. As long as people live in the world to the oppressed and marginalized, “rap music” presence, always it seems to be felt more strongly.
Stream, stream, stream
Stream, the key word for the future of the music industry. The war will escalate. Tidal, Apple Music, there will be a serious competition between Spotify. Apple Music 2016 was targeting 20 million users. Currently the case has reached 13 million users. Tidal will try to stand with the superstar, of course, will be the response of Spotify. This will be good for the audience. Better quality stream will be obtained more cheaply. The Beatles signed with both Spotify and Tidal recently.

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