Ways To Make Skinny Jeans Cool Again

These stretchy, all tight jeans are really helps, if you want to look like you are on a fashion magazine. Thats why we want to give some advise to use skinny jeans for women’s style.
Picking Perfect Jean
It is important to choose a jean that is right for your size. It must be comfortable but not baggy. When you try them you should be able to move in it easily. There are some tricks to look slimmer in skinny jeans. Bright colours would bring attention to your legs. If your thigh is bigger than your upper size you should choose darker colours.
Wear The Right Top
If you have a hourglass figure which means you have smaller waist than your hips and breasts, you should draw attention to your waist with peplum tops or using a belt with your look.
If you have pear shape, narrow shoulders and bust than your hips, you should wear oversize shirt to cover your hip area. Or you have wider shoulders than your hips, you should use open shoulder tops for your fashion desinger look.

Wear The Right Shoes
Skinny jeans could look good with probably every shoes, but you must coordinate it with your outfit. You shoudn’t use shoes that are big or chunky, or make your feet looking bigger.
Wear The Right Accessories
You may wear long earrings to mirror the skinny jeans or use scarf to balance your whole look together. And wear a chunky necklace over a tight shirt to look right for the latest fashion trends.

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