Ways to Be Cool in School

8cd073d1db068b995c57fb31457a9724Do you wonder how you can be cool in school then you must check these tips which will help you a lot. First of all you need to pay attention to your stance, always stand still. Because in case you won’t people will consider that you do not have any confidence while you will seem short. Always wear what you like and things that make you look beautiful or handsome. In the event that you are a girl then your bag will matter a lot. Hang your bag from both of your shoulders instead of one. You can put your hands in your pockets while walking, which will make you look cool too.
Always have few notebooks on your hands to be cool in school. No one will tell you that why don’t you put them in your bags since everyone knows that it looks cool. You can also look messy but you should pay attention to your look as well. For instance you can leave some part of your shirts outside or do not tie the ties of your shoes. But keep in mind that these ties will be short since you may fall down and people may make fun of you because of this in the event that you will step one of them.

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