Victoria’s Secret’s Swarovski Crystal Runway Look Weighs More Than You’d Believe

Swarovski / Glen Allsop

Swarovski has been teaming up with Victoria’s Secret on runway searches for a long time. So it shocks no one that the gem specialist would attempt to exceed itself for this current season’s Paris appear. Swarovski offered an in the background perspective of the underwear supermodel Josephine Skriver will wear out the catwalk. The whole set is comprised of 450,000 precious stones, however every sleeve alone measures eight to 10 pounds because of 3,000 bordered tufts, each of which took 12 minutes to string by hand.

Brian Atwood teamed up on the boots that entire the gathering, these including an extra 1,630 gems, in the event that you were concerned. “I am simply going to wear this day in and day out in Paris . . . furthermore, shimmer like this consistently!” Josephine said of her fantastic outfit. Perused on to see one of VS’s freshest Angels flaunt what will without a doubt be the most-hummed about bra and underwear of 2016.

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