Tips to Get No-Makeup Look

We all desire for natural beauty. But it is so easy to reveal your inner beauty without going a beauty shop. You can do no makeup look on yourself with the advices below. So let’s get started,
-Natural Skin
Your skin must be natural of course not all covered. You can apply foundation but not too much. It does not have to be perfect. It has to be healthy. BB or CC creams are perfect for this job. After your moisturizer you can apply little bit of BB or CC cream to cover your flaws. If your under eye area needs more coverage then, you should use little amount of concealer.
Actually contouring is not necessary for this look. But if you want to have dimension on your face, you can apply little bronzer to sides of your face. No much, just a little bit. If you need to use bronzer then you have to blend it well. And you may use little amount of blush to have some color on your face.
-Defining Brows
For sure, brows are really important in this look. It’ll do the most of the job. So, with a match colored eyebrow pencil you should fill the gaps. Not too hard, gently! Few strokes will be okey.
You could have lashes on your natural no-makeup makeup look. I don’t mean fake lashes of course. But one layer on mascara with curled eyelash will complete your look.
-Moisturized Lips
Healthy, fresh looking lips is key to the perfect look. I recommend to do peeling occasionally. This will prevent dead skin on your lips and speed the blood circulation. You can brush your lips with toothbrush for this purpose. Then you can use pinkish balm to add some color to your look.

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