Time to Make Peace with Your Migraine

In your daily life, sometimes you have headache. But you never think about the problem, just take some pills and wait for the tail wagging the dog. Why you have headache now? Really, why? The reason can be psychological or physical so it is really important to understand your body and the real problem which underlies your headache.
One of them is migraine, it is more common see as a women health problem, lasts for hours and maybe for days. There is no certain treatment about migrain but you can bring it under your control to arrange your life.
First, try to change your feeding habits. For a healty life and also for your migraine, these advices will be helpful.
-Don’t skip any meals.
-Enrich your meals with vegetables / more vegetables, less meats
-Take advantage of herbal teas / less coffee
-Try to eat your meals slowly
Then, try to change your daily routines. Living a regular life will make you feel safe and comfortable.
-Do exercise in the mornings for just ten minutes
-Go to bed before midnight
-Go to the closest places by walking
Don’t forget to go to doctor for using drugs! Have a healthy day!

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