Thom Browne Celebrates Thanksgiving With the Most Fashionable Football Game Ever

Without a doubt, Cam Newton may be the most mold astute—or if nothing else most exploratory—dresser in the NFL legitimate, however outside of the major classes, he has some opposition. That honor most likely goes to Thom Browne’s loved ones, who collect in New York City every Thanksgiving for an a la mode football game that is a balance of design and fun. This year, the two groups donned naval force and dark Thom Browne sweatsuits, playing against each other with Browne’s canine Hector Browne giving a shout out to both groups. (Alessandra Codinha’s acclaimed in-his-own-right pooch, Hugo, was likewise there to bolster the groups.)

On the field, Olympic fencer Miles Chamley-Watson played arbitrator, while the sidelines were loaded with team promoters and spectators, all wearing Thom Browne. Like any great day of games, this one likewise incorporated its own particular interpretation of closely following: a cookout provided food by culinary expert Camille Becerra. Consider the bar on football games raised.

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