The Trends of Japanese vs. Korean Fashion Clothes

For the last few years Asian fashion styles are really popular in so many levels. Korean culture is effecting rest of the world by K-POP in pursuit of Japanese J-POP, of course! But it comes to fashion, there are lots of discrepancies. Japanese fashion has own character. It has been touched by Japanese animation and manga for sure. They have gothic spirits on their fashion line. They like to shown their legs, that is why they prefer skirts or leggings. Also Japanese styles love to use “uniform”. They always want their fashion to be unique. But their bold fashion could not be for any one.
On the other hand Korean styles has much more different style from Japanese trend. That is an all known fact that, Korean fashion trends will direct world fashion soon. It has its own line and trendsetting style. Korean people also loves fashion and being careful about it. “Beautiful Appearance of a Korean” thought is really important to them. For those who lives there dressing Korean style is like serving your country! Their style is classy, elegant and luxurious. Like the rest of the things in Korea, they want to receive world’s approval about their fashion

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