The Success Story of Marc Zuckerberg

Marc Zuckerberg is one of the famous people who does not like to be famous. We barely see the founder of the Facebook on the media but it is not because he is a camera shy person type. He still continues to his generous donations and probably we do not know most of those since he does not share the amount of the donations he do on the media unlike the other celebrities. The successful investor prefers to live a calm life out of the sides of curious eyes but although he tries to do his best the paparazzi never leaves him alone.
Marc Zuckerberg is one of the richest people on the world despite his young age and his fortune is increasing in each passing day. Recently he bought the famous messaging application Whatsapp which penetrated to every single mobile phone on the world by providing free communication over the internet. Although most of the people on the world are not able to recognize him from the photos almost all of them heard his name and his position in Facebook. Don’t you think this is one of the best success stories on the world? Everyone knows your name but only half of them know you.

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