The American Elections Will Be The End of World?

Many people believe that American elections will be the end of the world because of the current candidates and again many people already lost their hope for the future of the America. They have some valid reasons for this too since Hillary Clinton is known with the FBI investigation where she used a private server in order to send, receive as well as store the mails which belong to government. In addition to these she is known with her poor health conditions but there are many celebrities who are participating in her presidential campaigns and declare their support for her.

One of the other strong candidates of the American elections is Donald Trump who is known with his latest scandal where he did not pay taxes for the businesses he owns. In addition to these his discourse towards the minorities in the America received many criticism. As far as we know he hates everyone who is not white and he even promised to set a wall on the Mexican border in order to prevent them coming to United States. All of these incidents allow people to lose their hope for the future of the America and we believe that these are enough excuses to do so.

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