Like, however two friends are near of them, or sitting on the same table or having lunch outside, they are not speaking to each other live, they are wrintg messages on social media. They are giving answers each on social media. While such state technologic companies use this weakness of the people and they are improving new technologic things and they connect people to them. However people do not earn enough money to live a good night with their families, they are finding funds to buy the last technology, or things like that.
But this situation have many disadvantages like snatching family connections or friendship connections. This makes people unhappy and anti social people. And this makes many anti socialy diseases. People do not want to go outside and do not eat enough and live immunitaion problems. So we are not offering not to buy technological improvements. But we need to know its borders. And we need to be consistent and have limits to make this. If not people are being very bad situation and having new diseases.

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