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You know those “What People Think I Do/What I Really Do” images that had their minute via web-based networking media a year ago? On the off chance that I needed to make one for design manager, I’d likely hit up Google Images for pictures of “Champagne tasting,” “front line sitting,” and “ladies be shopping.” Through 10 years of shooting road style, I’ve gotten to know a pack of proofreader sorts, yet I just ever observed them amid Fashion Weeks and at gatherings. I seek they pardon me after not knowing precisely went into the employment. So when my old buddy Justin Montag inquired as to whether I needed to assume responsibility of propelling the design pages of his new refined ball production, Franchise magazine, I resembled, beyond any doubt, how hard might it be able to be?

Well known last words!


A touch of backstory—so yes, I’m a gigantic b-ball fan. I was honored to experience childhood in Chicago amid the Michael Jordan rule, cried amid his (first) retirement question and answer session, likewise cried when the ’88-’89 University of Illinois b-ball group lost to Michigan in the NCAA Final Four, and, tying this into form, have a developing gathering of vintage glossy silk Starter coats from that period. I likely ought to have been complimented to have been asked, however I’m sure I’m the main design individual Justin knows who additionally comprehends the social hugeness of the AND1 Mixtapes—somebody who acknowledges the excellence of a Simone Rocha dress the same amount of as a Scottie Pippen bank shot.

What’s more, it turns out the main other individual I was aware of who preferred both form and b-ball was craftsman Kalen Hollomon, who I took after on Instagram, I mean since I didn’t really know him, in actuality, yet. Be that as it may, I contacted and he adored my thought to shoot models in styled looks, and collaging them with vintage NBA diversion time photographs.

When it came down to picking looks, I thought it would resemble shopping. I’d ring brands, ask for looks, and afterward go sleep. The truth, following quite a while of hustling, schlepping, and Uber-ing, is that I dragged 15–20 mammoth suitcases and perhaps half the same number of sacks loaded with shoes up to my flat and purged them onto my condo floor, aside from the truly costly looking things which I figured I ought to hang.

03-phil-oh-franchiseIt wasn’t so much a firmly curated alter of arranged patterns and looks, as it was an arbitrary jumble of whatever I could get my paws on. There were some incredible pieces without a doubt, however how to assemble them? How is this stuff going to look on a body? Do beauticians generally employ a fit model? I really Googled that. In any case, um, I’m kinda thin, so I kind of looked out the window, shut the blinds, opened a jug of wine, and began attempting stuff on to see what worked—and well, I need to state, I looked really fly in a portion of the looks.

I woke up Saturday morning, which is striking since I more often than not wake up Saturday evening, however a Jeep was stopped outside my window impacting “Shakey Dog” by Ghostface Killah and I cherish that melody. I checked the estimate for our Monday shoot date, and Tropical Storm Hermine was drifting toward New York and setting aside to dump everywhere on my Versace fur garments. I froze. Rung a hungover Kalen and instructed him to jump in a taxi over to my place. What’s more, hello, would you be able to stop by the Supreme store in transit since I require a few caps. I rang my companion Damian who deals with a couple models. “You got any young ladies that could be at my place like in 60 minutes? No doubt I know the Yeezy throwing is today . . . ” however he came through. I instructed him to caution the young ladies this would have been the jankiest-looking shoot they could ever go on—yet I swore it would even now be cool.


My condo was a tough wreckage and I had just around a hour to get done with assembling looks. At the point when my bell rang, I got up off my knees from scouring the place down, and invited Alex and Aleah into our alternative photograph studio. At that point I changed out of my night wear.

The looks I had preferred on myself by one means or another didn’t exactly appear to be identical on genuine female models. I needed to begin starting with no outside help, with the clock ticking. Intuition assumed control. I went into Fashion Week mode—regularly I wake up 15 minutes before should be some place, scavenge through my bag to see what I figured out how to pack, toss on whatever and run out the entryway. The Franchise shoot went a great deal that way: I basically snatched garments, tossed them at the models, and instructed them to choose whatever shoes fit. Gracious, did I say I was shooting this as well? We went outside to shoot as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, and Kalen coordinated the young ladies on what activities he required for his collections. Pass! Shoot! Score! Get down in a cautious position! Presently you’re getting dunked on!


So kids, in case you’re perusing this, this definitely is not how settled beauticians and editors function. On the other hand possibly it is. . . . We just got issue #2 of Franchise magazine again from the printer, and I need to concede that I’m truly glad for what Kalen, Alex, Aleah, and I made that day. Presently go tap on to purchase the issue, and tell every one of your companions, particularly ones who act as promoting purchasers since that is the thing that I need to get into next. How hard might it be able to be?

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