Sleeping Problems and Solution Offers

Everybody has some sleeping problems from time to time in their lives. Sleep- onset insomnia, not to have enough sleep or irregular sleep… All of them cause reduced quality of your lives and can be disquieting for you.  How can you arrange your sleep to live a normal life?

-Drink less alcohol, less coffee in a day

-Do some exercise and discipline your body

-Drink herbal teas or a glass of milk before go to sleep

-Take a shower to relax your body

Probably,  these offers will be helpful to arrange your sleeping times and quality of your sleep but if it is not, there is another choice that you can apply when you are in bed.

From Harvard University, Dr. Andrew Weil’s Technique 4-7-8, about some breathing exercise.

-Take a deep breath for four seconds

-Then, hold your breath for seven seconds

-In the end, exhale it slowly for eight seconds

You can repeat the same steps for three times. You will see that you will fall asleep sooner. Because this technique helps the circulation of oxygen in your body and counting the seconds while you are doing the exercise makes your brain busy and provides to move your stress away.

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