Razer Blade Pro Announced

In fact Razer Blade Pro comes to the fore with its features as a laptop which is quite extra ordinary when compared with the industry together with its hardware. It has touch screen with LED feature in 17.3 inch. The screen is supported with NVIDIA Pascal GeForce GTX 1080 which offers high quality features for the players. 64 bit Windows 10 is offered as default in the laptop as the operating system. The computer has quad-core which is 3.5 GHz with sixth generation processor. In addition to these the computer is supported with SSDs which are known as RAID 0 that can have capacity up to 2 TB.
Razer Blade Pro has difference with its Razer Chrome lighting technology which offers 16.8 millions of color options. It is also compatible with the Razer Synapse and further arrangements can be carried out. The connection interface is supported with the recent generation technologies. The computer has 2 MP web cam, SDXC card reader and stereo speakers. There is also Killer Doubleshot Pro feature in the computer which will allow you to have the highest yield from your internet connection in order to not experience any lag while you will be playing games with it.


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