Practical Information for Pastries

7ebd92c87838d9384c57c70102b827aeWe all love the pastries a lot and may be more than we should. We feel very satisfied after eating a huge slice of any pastry and it is one of the most delicious foods that we consume during the day. This is why we have decided to provide you some practical information about the pastries. For instance you have to cover the meal you cook with a wet cloth in order to keep it soft. It will be better to add a pinch of salt to the dough before you prepare what you want to make it more delicious.
For instance in the event that you are going to cook a cake then its consistency must be like yoghurt before you put the pastries into the oven. The yeast must be watered with lukewarm water or milk, should wait for at least ten minutes and then must be used. You have to preheat your oven before you will cook something in it. It is important to let the dough rest for a while In case you will do it you can shape it much more easily. In addition to these the freshness of the yeast has a great importance in pastries.

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