Owning the Industry, Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne is one of the most notable artists in the music industry which performs his art by combining hip hop, hard rock, and electronic genres. One of the reasons why he is the most notable artists is that he started with nothing in the first days he began his music career. After a while he managed to find an investor for what he is doing and founded his own company Strange Music by sharing the half of the shares with his investor. His investor invested about two millions dollars for an artist who is not even known locally.
But with the hard work of Tech N9ne, about a decade after now the Strange Music company that is owned by himself and his investor values around five hundred millions of dollars. Today their relationship is much more than a business relationship but they became good friends in time. This is the pure example of believing in someone and spending millions of dollars to his talent. Probably this is one of the best investments held in the history. Today the Strange Music company has more than ten artists signed and dominates the music industry without any doubt. If you didn’t listen to them, give them a try.

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