New Stile for a summer 2016

Summer Type of Style
Generally we know that summer fashion style more creative and hottest design includes. Some fashion designers decide to for summer trend list. This summer we see that green colour on dress. We know that general type of fashion would change every year. But we cannot say one style useful for every time.
Different Trend Lıst and Effect
2016 summer trend will open new style for men. I would like to say that some people when follow to different style you may observe different fashion trend. But for summer generation we see that green colour more favourable on fashion trend. Especially, most of man should follow new colour design. Also we know that for a new season green colour mixed with some ties and bags. Another point, we are getting more tips for a new season we have seen baggy trouser bubbling. This is a new trend for some people. Maybe some people like this new style but some people not like new generation style so we have more news.
Colour and Style
New summer Style 2016 jeans and colour work with together for a man style. If people accept green colour with jeans probably creating action work much better. So, if we talking about for a future open colour and comfortable patterns much better.

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