My Own Makeup and Care Routine

I have very funny memories actually about the period when I started to discover makeup and skincare for mature women. For example, I love my francolins a lot now however I was not pleased with them when I was a teenager. I was begging my mother to find a way to get rid of my francolins. My mother always found and game me natural recipes. Once I mixed the cinnamon, coffee and honey. My goal was to carry out peeling and get rid of my stains on my face.

Also I learned that it was good for my skin too. However I put a lot of pressure on my skin while applying it. Imagine how much I wanted to get rid of my francolins. My face was irritated and it remained red for a week. My mother always prepared masks with natural materials such as yogurt, tea and cucumber. We have dry skin as a family and this is why I never had too much acnes on my face while I was a teenager. I always preferred oily and skin-feeding products. The bitter almond milk both removes my makeup and carry out skin care.
7ae8e05dd66d89e67bd76e19c6e5dfcfI usually and especially prefer the products which do not contain parabens. I also use brands that are pet friendly and do not tested on animals. For this reason, the first thing I ask when I first enter is whether they are tested on animals are not. I searched and found the Ida.Kew brand. It is a very natural and successful brand. You can not hear many brands that are 100% natural but Ida.Kew has such ingredients. I use a lot of body oil, face oil and care creams. And Kiehl’s is indispensable for me. I like the oils of daytime and night care.
I apply them on my face before sleeping and right after I wake up. Also in the morning I clean my skin with Kiehl’s cleansing gel. I also clean my makeup with bitter almond milk before going to bed at night. I apply skin care oils to my skin for the last thing. I also use Nuxe’s hand cream and body oil fondly. I really love my francolins. I do not apply a foundation on my face and only use blush. I use concealer for detention. I do not even use them much at these times because my Sisley eye cream helped me to reduce my custody bruises.
I’m using Chanel’s Long Lasting Concealer as a concealer. I am in detention to fix Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Powder closer. I prefer Chanel Cream Blush Affinity as a blush. It gives a very natural look. I use the eye pencil. I love Nars’ eye pencil. I am indispensable to Lancome’s Hypnose smack. Sometimes I take eyelashes half way through my eyelid, which makes the eyes more visible. These are my secrets and hope you will love these. I believe that some of these tips may be very helpful for you in your everyday life makeup.

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