Music, The art of the Goddesses

Music, literally originated from Greek word “mousike”, is the mixture of art, poetry and dance. Music is the part of daily life of all cultures from tribal to the modern communities since the world exists. In modern times, music is available from everywhere. Anybody can listen to the best kind of music from the best artista via internet with their laptops, computers, monile phones or music players.
With the help of improving technology, in the social platforms like Youtube, people show their talent to sing or play an instrument. Especially, for the ones very talented, could be watched more than billion times.

Music is for everyone

Music is the easiest and the cheapest way og entertaining people. All people can find a music type for themselves. When you are tired or stressed relaxing music succours. Classical music is preferable for romantic date nights. For the one’s who want to socialize with friends or celebrate something, pop or rock music could be chosen.

What is music for?

Mozart is the most favourite artist for new born children to be smart.
Music was used as a treatment for mental diseases in Ottoman Empire.
In sport activities music is the accelerator pf the enthusiasm.
In movies, to give the spirit of the scene, music is essential.
In some corporate firms, music is used to improve productivity.

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