Movie and cinema sector in Turkey improving in Turkey rapidly. Almost 40 movies become on show in Turkey generally. Especially in winter and autumn the film sector gives the results that their struggle in the summer season. They are studying hard in summer and entering to the autumn and winter by full stack. And Turkish actresses and actors gaining money as fast as the other ones but for Hollywood’s. Because Hollywood is very different league and stage. They are really loved by the people living every piece of the world. However Turkey cinema sector is improving fastly, it is hard to catch the cinema sector in United States of America, Hollywood.
On the other hand Turkish cinema sector makes different attacks like the film “Bir Baba Hindu”. Namely they composes with the other film sectors like Bollywood. The film “Bir Baba Hindu” is a mixture of Bollywood and Turkish cinema sector. They ar carrying Turkish customs to India and they are trying to make India’s live like Turkish people. In this film they tried this. After all of this in the sector of Turkey growes as fast as the equivalents. There are about 40 films on show in the Turkish cinema sector.

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