basliksiz-1Every woman want to be trend and look beautiful. For this reason, there are a lot of brands for woman. However only eleven most expensive clothing brands are very populer on the World. The prices are very huge amount but many woman prefer to these brands. The brands of designer are very talented and creative. Now we are writing name of brands. If you want to look like modern and cool, you could them products. First expensive clothing brand name is for woman, ‘Oscar De La Renta’. This brand of colections are so luxery. Many famous people chose to wear this brand clothing. Second brand is ‘Louis Vuitton’. Third brand is ‘prada’. The Prada brand of design has different style. Next and forth brand is ‘Dior’ called, luxery design for woman clothes.
İn addition to the most expensive clothing brands, we should write, ‘Gucci’. The Gucci is fifth brand on the top of list. Sixth brand is ‘Dolce& Gabbana’. Seventh brand is ‘Armani’. Both of them have expensive design for woman style. Eighth brand is very popular woman to woman,’Burberry’. There are a lot of goods for woman fashion. End of the list, there are three brands for woman. Nineth is ‘Versace’. Ten is ‘Ralph Lauren’. The last brand of list is ‘Hermes’.
A women’s magazines are select these clothing brands for woman fashion. Both of them have high prices. Eleven the most expensive clothing brands are preferred by woman. Because every woman deverse quality.

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