Jal Meoggo !! ( Bon Appetit ) , Korean Food , Korean Breakfast

Jal Meoggo !! ( Bon Appetit )
Yeah , we all became a fan of a Korean pop stars , they are rising like a star nowadays. Successful Korean movies are also getting more popular. All these things made us interest with Korean culture. Just own it , you all wonder what they are eating , what they are wearing , how they live , how Seoul is , right? You are not alone! Me , either.
Korean Food
Now , let’s talk about Korean food. Korean kitchen are so great, there are so much variety of foods. But most famous korean food is Kimchi. It’s made of cabbage and some speices. Also Kimbap is eaten much , and it’s korean version of sushi. And you may want to try Samgyeopsal which is grilled cowhide with vegetables.
When I look all the Korean foods , I realised that they are also so healthy foods . Because the ingredients are all healthy vegetables and they are not overcooking them .
Korean Breakfast
We used to eat breakfast food in the morning , but they are eating some boiled or cooked vegetables and they are not eating bread but rice. Did you get hungry, either? Let’s eat something!

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