How Was Suicide Squad Movie?

The Suicide Squad movie was one of the movies that anticipated a lot and had many ads on everywhere before the movie released but did you see any other meme or something else once the movie released? Personally I really liked to movie but there were many movies which managed to be talked by the community a lot even years after they were released. Does it make a change in the quality of the movie or does this movie was that much poor that people forget it in few weeks? These are the questions that we need to debate on in order to find accurate answers.
So what do you think about the Suicide Squad movie? Did it manage to meet your expectations? Most of the people may expect something more old school however the movie already showed us that it was going to be a new school with its trailers. Please leave your ideas by leaving a comment to this article in order to discuss these issues and make everything clearer. And also do not forget to tell us your favorite character in the movie and do you really believe that actors managed to role them in the best way.

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