Hidden Figures Movie Review

m. The Hidden Figures movie has the theme oh one of the untold stories of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine G. Johnson who are three black women in America, working in the NASA. These women who try to solve the problematics of the space and science took place in one of the biggest projects of the NASA. The space journey of John Glenn who is the first American astronaut to orbit of the earth will be thanks to the effort of these women.
We will see the Theodore Melfi as the director and the Hidden Figures movie is one of the best examples of the drama – biography genre movies. The cast of the movie is quite good too and we believe that the movie will be nominated to many awards thanks to its attracting theme that is told in the movie. You should put this movie into the top list of your anticipated movies in order to learn the details of a hidden story. Let us know what do you think about this movie by leaving a comment.

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