People who want to live normally as the other one’s, but some of them can not have the chance of catching normal life. Because they generally have health problems. The other people living normal and healty life but they do not have a normal life. They have to use medicines to live. Some of them are trying to have childs but they can not do this. Because they do not have the capability of this.

Some of them have the capability of having child but causeless infertility obstacles this. And this make people stressful, stress decreases the posibility of having child. And it becomes a spiral and turns into an utopia. They think their selves paranormal people and they think they can not have childs. But it is strongly advised not to think like that. And they have to be hopeful. If not they have psycological problems too. So they need to take a professional help like going to an expert doctor on infertitlities. And at last days, it is being spoken that cinnamon and honey help people who live problems like infertilities. And it is said that people who can not have childs it is highly adviced to eat honey and cinnamon.


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