Had a difficult time, crazy decisions from Samsung!

Because of the phone explosions, Samsung news is not good. Undergoing hard times because of overheating problems experienced in Note 7 Samsung has taken the first step to fix the shattered prestige.
Samsung, due to the heating and combustion problems experienced in Note 7 to change first, and then decided to stop production. South Korean technology giant, Note 7 to give back or to alter, the extra money will pay up to 100$. Samsung’s starting today, the new Note 7 “Return and Change” by participating in the program, phone the other Samsung smartphones altering Note 7 owners, will receive up to $ 100 bill credit. Thus, despite the problems in the planned awarding of consumers who are loyal to the brand. Note 7 to give the consumers who opt for another smartphone, he will win a $ 25 credit to qualify. South Korean technology giant, was found to be a warning to Note 7 with the official site. Samsung, after closing the original or modified Note 7 owners of smartphones, the Samsung store or stores they buy, reiterated the need to give back.
According to the latest technology news,
World news from around the explosion because phones were confiscated. The US technology giant Apple company has announced a new smartphone iPhone 7 in exactly this order. The new phone Samsung Note 7 explosion problem, Apple has good effects. Note 7 to give up on the iPhone 7 is preferred.

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