Get Rid of Censorship in Internet with VPN Router

VPN Router is the subject of one of the outstanding projects in Kickstarter which is solution oriented. The product is called Betterspot which is a router device and it is just a startup for now where the budget for the product is increasing in each passing day. This device which is quite easy to use and solution oriented will be offered to final customers in a portable form. This means that standard VPN features are combined with a router. It will be a great opportunity for those who work freelance, use the internet connection in cafe and restaurants too often or in countries where internet censorship is quite often.
You can connect this VPN Router i.e., Betterspot to your computer through an USB device as well as you can connect through wireless feature of the device in your mobile phones. Once you will establish a secure connection your IP address will be directed to some other addresses and your location information will be somewhere outside the city you are living in. All of these are performed random and in this way you will be able to not face with any censorship. The device has compatibility with the all computer operating systems too.

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