Genetical Intervention to Embryo

Embryo is one of the most important things for the continuation of our race as human beings and many people in the world suffer from genetic diseases. Most of these diseases can be predicted before the birth but it was not possible to perform any intervention until today. First of all it was not accepted as ethical to intervene to the embryo however China decided to remove this prohibition and allow scientists to intervene to the embryo. You do not have to get permission from the officials even for a simple research about the genetic intervention from now on in China.
The scientists in the China received many criticism due to their researches they perform on the embryo but now they stated that they are willing to prevent the HIV infection by interfering to the embryo. A gene called CCR5 targeted during the researches and mechanism which can prevent the HIV infection to go in a cell tried to be created. Although the research received the desired results there were unwanted mutations and when these mutations couldn’t prevented, as a result of this the research couldn’t succeed as planned. But their research is promising unless they will perform researches in the sake of human health.

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