Friend Request – Unfriend Movie Review

The Friend Request is a German production and it began to offered in the theatres in the last month. The movie is directed by the experienced director Simon Verhoeven and Connor Paolo, William Moseley and Alycia Debnam-Carey are the stars who have the leading role in the movie. We bet this movie will scare most of the audience and force them to check their friend list in the social media once more to be sure. The same theme was also used by various movies in the past however we can easily tell you that this is the best one.
But let’s see that the Friend Request movie will attract the attention that it deserves. The movie basically takes the social media as a theme and a women is unfriending a girl in Facebook who is mysterious and she doesn’t know who she is. After she unfriends that girl, she finds herself in the hands of evil forces. However these evil forces have different methods in order to be the nightmare of this woman and aims to kill everyone around her to let the woman leave alone. In the event that you like the horror movies than this movie should be one of the movies that you need to watch.

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