Foods You Should Eat During Your Cycle

In Menstruation Cycle female body acting different than regular times. We all became more desirous that other times of the month. And having cramping, bloating. But with this diet we could help as heat magazine to women health.
Bacterias in yogurt, helps your gastrointestinal system during your cycle. And high calcium will help to reduce pain.
Of course, drinking water is important, all the time. But during your cycle it will help to reduce bloating and fasten your metabolism.
-Whole Grains
Oats and whole wheat helps your metabolism and supplies vitamin E and B-complex to your body.
As lots of vegetables kale is antioxidants and has lots of vitamins. Besides that, calcium which is really important for your heath in this cycle loaded in kale.
Beans, chickpeas lentil and other lengumes are the perfect choice for your system during menstruation cycle. These food are high in fiber and B vitamins which helps to prevent the hunger.
-Dark Chocolate
Of course dark chocolate is a “must have” on your menu. They are sweet and it has lots of healty chemicals which increase your mood when you are down on your period.
Bananas will give instant energy. Reduces your blood pressure and menstrual cramps. Contains lots of vitamins and minerals. That why you should keep it near during these times.
-Red Meats
Your body needs iron in your system during your period. And red meats has lots of them. Iron is also good for your skin and hair’s healthcare.

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