Foods You Should Be Eating For Your Best Body

Everybody want to have a healthy and good-looking body. Making sports is a way to have that great body. But we should be carefull about eating healthy foods . Having our meals on the right time is also so important to avoid eating disorders.
So , what will we eat for the best body? Human body is created with need to proteins , carbohydrates and some special oil. But protein sources are already have them three inside. So to get that best body we need proteins. Here there are 5 essential protein sources we need to eat : Eggs , meats , marina fishes , milk and chicken. Especially eggs and meat are so important.
Egg absorbs D and K vitamines which your body needs .And for deiting , egg is so helpful. Because it controls the insuline in blood. Our metabolism gets faster and burns fat more and faster.
Red meat includes a lot of amino acid and these are for build muscles. Also it is source of Omega-3 , Glutamine , Glycine , iron and magnesium for blood. All these things are so important for feeding.

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