Does Electronic Cigarettes are Harmful?

Of course everyone will have something to say about the harms of the smoking but how about the electronic cigarettes, are they harmful? Keep reading to learn more about the answer; we saw many ads on websites, newspapers, social media that electronic cigarettes are harmless however is this the truth? You should keep in mind that these are all ads. Although it has less harm when compared with the regular cigarettes, it still has harm on the human body. The marketers tries to impose the opposite of this truth on the ads and we should be aware of this marketing campaign.
The electronic cigarettes can help you a lot to quit your smoking habit however you should be careful to not be the addict of them as well. Today if you will pay attention to other people in any cafe you will notice that the number of the people using these types of tools are increasing in each passing day with the idea of that they changed their habit with the one which is harmless. It is the new addiction of our era and in the event that you are using one of them be sure to quit it as long as you will be sure about yourself that you won’t smoke.

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