Common Reasons for Breast Asymmetry

This problem is really common among the women. Health promotion paying attention to this and it all over the health news these days. Of course, it is normal to have slightly difference in both of your breasts. Asymmetry is defined as different form, volume or even position of the breasts. Differance could be measured with mammogram and treated with surgery easily. But for the global health we should be pay attention to this. Here they are some reasons of breast asymmetry,
-Hormonal Changes
During your menstrual cycle you may find your breasts different than regular times. They could be bigger or much more sensitive. And it is possible, they could be different from each other as well. This differance caused by ovulating. If you think you have asymmetrical breasts when you are in your period it is totally normal because of the blood flow.
-Traumatic Injuries
If young girls receive injuries in breast bud area it may cause asymmetry with their breasts. By the time it could recover by itself. But they have to protect themselves in gym.
-Skeletal Condition
Occasionally, skeletal conditions may be the cause of one breast grows bigger than the other. In this condition it must be treated with surgery. Unfortunately it wont going to recover by itself.
-Non Cancer Tumors
Underlying non cancer tumors may be the cause of asymmetry in your breasts. Recent differance of your breast size is a alert for this situation and it should be check by a doctor for relief.

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