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The fashion is the only industry which has a direct effect on the clothing industry. For instance H&M Store follows the recent trends and create collections in order to serve their customers in all around the world. They manufacture every cloth with thousands in amounts and in this way they are able to serve with a much reasonable prices when compared with the other well-known brands in the world. Of course there are other popular clothing stores for women however H&M company can be considered one of the most spread companies which has thousands of stores in more than hundreds of cities.
We will share some news with you in this article which is about a merge of two different companies in order to create a new collection for their customers. And these collections will be on sale in H&M. We are talking about the merge of Kenzo x H&M. The designers of the both companies will be working in collaboration in order to create some of the best examples of the recent trends and we are all anticipating the outcome with joy. What do you think about this, please share your opinions with us by leaving a comment.

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