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In few day celebrities has new updates on their lives. We have gathered some of them for you.. Here are some of the new gossips.
Kim Kardashian ‘getting professional help’ for recovery
After she has been attacked in Paris, Police started an investigation. But Kim was badly shaken after the robbery. People who close to Kardashian family told “She has started to being paranoid” so after some advice from her immediate family members, she decided to see a professional.
On the other hand started to sell offensive costume about Kim Kardashian attack. Costume has white bathrobe, sunglasses, engagement ring and rope to tie the hands. After lots of negative reactions, website stopped the sales of this costume
Brad Pitt reunited with his children after Angelina Jolie break up
Hollywood actors split up last month and Jolie has filed for sole physical custody of their children. Brad Pitt saw some of children last weekend first time since the breakup.
Mean Girls reunion
After 12 years Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Lacey Chabert has been reunited. Lindsay told Time Out that, she wanted to do a sequel movie.
Rihanna cuddles with his father after split
The 28-year-old star has flown to Barbados for some family time. She uploaded snaps with his father.

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