Kristen Stewart and Her Face

Kristen Stewart is one of the actresses who can stay on the agenda of the news with her face rather than her acting skills. There are lots of criticism about...


Benefits of Beet, the Miracle Food

Starting from the ancient times the beet is used as an food which is good for the treatment of many diseases and they have a great role in healing many...


Hidden Figures Movie Review

m. The Hidden Figures movie has the theme oh one of the untold stories of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine G. Johnson who are three black women in...


Cars 3 Movie Review

In the event that you like the Cars movie series than we have a good news that Cars 3 movie will be released on the middle of the 2017. Brian Fee will be the...


The Success Story of Marc Zuckerberg

Marc Zuckerberg is one of the famous people who does not like to be famous. We barely see the founder of the Facebook on the media but it is not because he is...


New Movie for Kids, Pepee

In the event that you have a kid then you know the importance of Pepee in terms of them and you may even heard of this cartoon even you don’t have a kid...


Practical Information About Soups

Soups are one of the meals that are consumed a lot almost in all of the countries. They are served as the first meal in the menu as the first hot meal. This is...



Movie and cinema sector in Turkey improving in Turkey rapidly. Almost 40 movies become on show in Turkey generally. Especially in winter and autumn the film...


Music, The art of the Goddesses

Music, literally originated from Greek word “mousike”, is the mixture of art, poetry and dance. Music is the part of daily life of all cultures...



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