Be Careful for Baby Powders

The infants have a sensitive skin and immune system and experts warn that the baby powder used on them may penetrate to their lungs where they are especially widely used during the summer and spring seasons. All of the baby powders are in the form of powder and you should be careful to not use these forms of powders on our babies because they are able to penetrate till to the lungs of our babies. The lungs consider these as foreign substances will cause them to give reaction to these substances.
The experts warn about the baby powder that they should not be used especially around the areas such as neck and ear. The powders used in these areas may stay in the carvings in those areas and cause infections. Instead of using powders on your infants which suffer from the nappy rash especially during the hot days you have to change the diaper of your babies and you should clean relevant areas and let them dry before you put on the new diaper on your babies. One of the main causes of the nappy rash is because parents let the stool be in touch with the baby’s skin a lot.

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