At 71, Goldie Hawn Has Never Been More Fashionable

Youth is a relative term, however as Hollywood legend Goldie Hawn turns 71 today, it’s difficult to envision her as something besides the perpetually energetic characters she’s handled on-screen. From her Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In days as a body paint–covered go-go artist to her stretch as comic drama’s go-to driving woman, Hawn exemplifies cheery amusingness in a misleadingly charming bundle. In motion pictures like Private Benjamin, The First Wives Club, and Overboard, Hawn’s lively blondeness could shroud insight, trickery, and coarseness, all of which made her unendingly watchable. Five decades into her profession, Hawn’s movies still hold up—there will never be a period when Elise Elliot’s jokes aren’t clever—yet so do her design decisions, a considerable lot of which mirror the soul of the time she was in.

In the 1960s, Hawn moved from mod to blossom youngster, her pixie cut and infant doll dresses reflecting the pieces worn by her bohemian Cactus Flower character, Toni. Turning into an It young lady all the while, Hawn graced Vogue covers and stood out as truly newsworthy, thanks to a limited extent to her sweet closet. Winning an Oscar for the part of Toni, Hawn entered the ’70s as a genuine film star with the period proper feathered hair and flower dresses fit for quite a long time out at Studio 54. Regularly developing, Hawn didn’t bolt into the alluring look with which we’ve come to partner her until the mid-’80s days of overabundance. Grasping the fabulousness of an extraordinary celebrity central outfit alongside her taking a break marks of high-waisted denim and off-the-shoulder shirts, Hawn built up a style all her own. Right up ’til today there are still some runway looks that enroll as unmistakably Goldie, particularly when they’re worn by Hawn or her doppelgänger little girl, on-screen character Kate Hudson.

The way that Hawn can even now pull off those outfits addresses the immortality of her allure and the age-challenging nature of her magnificence. She could most likely still haul out those go-go boots or that precious stone secured Oscars dress and make them work, yet she doesn’t need to. Her impact has stood the trial of time, and a glance back at the styles she advanced gives an engaging excursion through Hollywood and mold history. Here, a determination of the star’s best looks during that time to commend her birthday.

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