2017 Winter Trends for Women

Everybody loves fashion no matter what the season is. But there is one season that came with christmas and valentine’s day. Winter is the season you can play with the colors and add layers to your outfit fashionably in line with winter trends. Let’s begin with this year’s trends. This winter we must see puffa jackets with oversized models a lot. They’re comfortable and they keep you warm in the coldest winter days. What else could anyone want? I’m sure you have noticed this fall everyone wears pleated skirts and pleated dresses, well this trend seems to be going on this winter too.

deccdb90e9c8865af866503c85686049With their floating movement and glittering structure nobody seems to want to let them go. We see them often in mineral beiges and in nudes in winter trends but they came in every color and each and every one of them are equally beautiful if you ask us. This year’s favourite material is seems to be velvet. We see them in dresses, in pants, in blouses, in shirts, in gloves, in skirts, in boots, in accessories and whatever else you could imagine. Their soft and silky structure attracts everyone who loves vivid colors. This winter eighties made a comeback with the one shouldered dresses.

You can rock your new year’s eve party or you can sweep off your significant other’s feet with winter trends. With this look there will be no cold shoulders. For many years we see leopard in everywhere even in little details. Well leopard doesn’t seem to be going away soon.With this fierce trend you can look sexy and wild.

There is tons of options to use leopard in your outfit such as coats, pants, blouses, boots, socks, hair clip in winter trends and whatever else you could think of even if as your phone case. You will be fashionable with leopard no matter how you choose to use it. The other fashion trend you must see this year is should be white T-shirt under dresses. Wherever you look you see them. On celebrities, on your neighbours, on your colleagues or on your classmates. This streetwear made it’s way to even runway. This classic look with white T-shirt under silk dress or regular dark colored dress over it made you look sophisticated and fashionable. And finally metallic outfits. This glittery and futuristic look take a turn over the years and now we can see them in everywhere not just on runways or celebrities.

You can wear a metallic dress and go plain with accessories or vice versa you could do your outfit plain and let your accessories shine. Let’s talk about this year’s favourite colors! If you love minimal basic tones or dynamic rich colors you will be happy this winter. If you remember baby blue and pastel pink were in demand this fall and they are continue to dominate this winter too. But don’t be afraid if you love vivid colors because they are also in demand! This winter we will see lots of ostentatious colors in stores such as emerald green, deep red, cobalt blue and fuchsia as winter trends.


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