2017 – 2018 Earrings and Necklace Models

Women love to wear all kind of accessories but nothing compares to earrings and necklaces they are the most shining most glamorous accessories of all time. Whether you are a girl or a woman whether you are engaged or single whether you are young or old doesn’t matter if you are a woman you have to admit that you love earrings and necklaces.

If you are going to buy present for your teacher who is woman or your boss again of course who is woman or if you are going to buy some meaningful present to your best friend then you should hardly consider earrings or necklaces because they are easy to combine with other outfits and also I am sure that we are not wrong if we are going to say every woman loves some accessories but especially good earrings and necklaces. So what are the hot choices this year? Which kind of choice make you the hottest in your friends and which kind of choice make you out fashion? We are going to learn together in this article. This year we have seen the bohemian models made a comeback mostly with necklaces and the other thing that draws our attention is obviously chokers. I’m sure everybody noticed already that they are dominating the necklace world right now.

We have seen them on celebrities and on runway models while with the earrings there is so much new trend to catch up. First of all, if you noticed this year one sided earrings are in fashion and the other thing we have noticed is ear cuffs. You can wear them as for how you want it because either it is in the middle of your ear or top of your ear that doesn’t matter you will be definitely rocking the earring game. There is another thing that we have noticed is piercing all of your ears but if you don’t want to pierce your ear there are clip on earrings that could help you look stylish while not piercing your whole ear, so be sure to keep up with these trends.

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