2016 – 2017 Winter Accessories Trends

0071b1711d577352c7bc390355ee428aEveryone knows that accessories are a girl’s best friend. So what are the most preferred ones this year? And which one will take you from zero to hero? Here some of our best recommendations. Obviously we must mention the famous chokers. They’re on everyone and they came in every style. We know that velvet is everywhere this year, well it’s keeping up with this trend too. You can buy velvet chokers and combine them with whatever you want they go together with almost anything. Or if you want to go more futuristic then buy some metallic ones. This trend seems to be stay for a long time so be sure to pick up that suits you best.
Punk era is still not over and we can still see its trace in accessories. For sure ear cuffs are come in handy. They’re easy to wear and with one touch you could carry your outfit on higher levels. It looks sophisticated and cool. Another thing that reminds us that rebellious and punk era is that anyone seems to be settling with just one piercing and that is just too cool! Two nose rings side to side or all ear side pierced and not one space left. Another thing to everyone should look out is that multi layering your necklaces. It is in fashion to do layering with your clothes but even more common used layering is with your necklaces. You could wear your chokers and then your short necklace then your little bit longer necklace then your long necklace then your little bit longer necklace and so on. There isn’t any limit to layering when it’s came to necklaces. They come in all shapes and sizes and waiting for you to buy them.
If you’re always cold and couldn’t wear your jewelries because they’re always underneath your clothes then this is your year to shine! This year everyone wears their accessories over their clothes, you can wear your bracelets over your sleeves or you could wear your necklaces over your turtleneck sweater, you could wear your most shiny rings over your gloves and be glamorous while still be warm and cozy.
This winter we noticed the corset belts are “in”! They point out your slim waist while they make you feel confident.
You can wear them over your clothing to form very effective contrasts. d49132e8d90751c8589a11b0b22baaaeWhen it’s come to scarves it seems like the bigger the better. And that’s awesome if you ask us. You can change your whole appearance with one item and also they keep you warm. If you want to be more less casual you should buy one of the accessories that has glittery or metallic colors.
Finally when it comes to bags this year is on fire. If you love metallic colors like us you should definitely buy one metallic colored bag because they’re in fashion this year. You can wear them with your daily casual outfits or with your party outfits with your accessories that doesn’t matter either way you’re for sure going to be shine.

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