2016 – 2017 Fashion Trends

Winter season is back and we are ready to rock the streets! Fashion weeks are over and we are exactly know what to wear. This year we saw some old fashion trends and some new ones. Let’s begin to dig out this year’s fashion trends. First 80’s inspiration draws our attention and we’re certain that this winter we’re going to see lot more colorful and shiny clothes. Along with these we think leather skirts and shoulder paddings are essential to anyone’s wardrobe.
Another thing that come through is layers with fashion trends. Lots and lots of layers. In winter mostly we are always cold or stylish but not both… Well with this trend you could say no to freezing to death because this year you could wear layers on layers and still be stylish and fashionable. And don’t be upset if you are still want to wear your floral summer dress or your jumpsuit just wear it and be stylish.
1b7badfab3089f09d8664c43331f9151We are sure that you noticed that velvet taking over the shelves this year in fashion trends. Wherever we look we saw these fabrics and we are loving it! If you want your daily outfit to be fit the night with one changing than be sure to keep your velvet blouse somewhere near you and voila! You’re ready to any party or invitation. Or if you are too lazy to fancy up combine your jeans with your velvet booties. If you are going to some casual meeting then be sure to wear something velvel to keep your mood high and be as confident as if you’re walking down to runway.
We are used to see high waisted crop pants with sandals or sneakers then why stop and not wear them in winter. There is no reason to not wear them, they are comfortable, fashionable, and comply with almost anything. If you’re afraid of your ankles to be cold you can easily wear your crop pants with leather booties or velvet boots. You can wear them with your bodysuits and show off your waistline. Another most comfortable trend of this year is must be sleepwears as outerwears. As funny as it sounds this trend prove itself to be as one of the most preferred fashion trends right now. You could wear thin strapped lace pajama top over your white t-shirt with your regular jeans or you can wear your satin pajama bottoms over simple t-shirts or you can combine your pajamas with velvet jackets. You can go experimental with this trend and find out which way you are most comfortable and feel confident in.
Finally, for the last as fashion trends we want to talk about coats after all winter is nearly here. This year we are surely see super long coats a lot. If you are want to be more mysterious with your outfit we should recommend you super long coats and also super long coats and super mini dresses and miniskirts go together very well. If you are keeping up with these trends we’re certain that you’re become a byword.

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