2016-2017 Fall/Winter Shoe Trends

Finally this time of year has come and we can go crazy on Black Friday! But what should we buy? How should we choose what to buy? Don’t worry we are going to show you what is in and what is out this year.

This year pointy toes made a comeback and we can see them everywhere! So why not buy one and be one of the cool ones. You can choose pointy toes with high heels or pointy toes with flat shoes. And if you are afraid to be outdated with pointy toes you can always buy futuristic models. This year’s another must have trend is shoes with multiple buckled straps.

I’m sure you saw these models on many celebrities because they are IN! If you are all about that gladiator look but you want a little bit more shininess you would definitely adore this model. You can found them in everywhere and everyone else will definitely be jealous of you. Velvet is on fire this year! We are used to see them in coats and shirts and blouses or on necklaces but now they are came to dominate shoe business! They are not handy to be honest but they are worth the trouble.

31922ec2f4548e568902ea5da73cdda5You will be sophisticated, sexy, chic, stylish and confident! Velvet shoes is definitely a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. You would recognize the wooden heels a lot this past months, well that’s normal because they are everywhere and everyone loves them. They could turn formal clothes into casual ones and they could change casual clothes into formal ones. They go with every color, every texture and every bag. If you want to buy one bootie and want it to wear it everywhere with everything you should look wooden heeled booties immediately. And over the ankle boots… where to begin? They are cool, chic, stylish, and can be found everywhere! If you want your over the ankle boot to be sparkling or leather or floral designed you can found it and you will be for sure elegant. And finally I want to mention knee length boots. If you have thick legs or slim legs either way you will be look beautiful in knee length boots. If you are short then you can buy heeled models or if you are tall you can buy flat models they are dominating this year’s shoe trends like they have dominated for years. You could see them on celebrities or you could see them in your neighbourhood they are everywhere! You could buy cheaper ones and still be in fashion and you could buy more expensive ones that doesn’t matter. They are go with everything if you are going to a party and don’t know what to wear just wear a little black dress and knee length boots underneath it everyone would watch you. Or you are going to work and wear pants, again wear knee length boots underneath it and you will be office chic!

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