How Is Justin Bieber Doing In These Days?

The Canadian pop star became famous after Usher discovered him on YouTube and after that day everything changed for Justin Bieber. His mother was uploading his videos on YouTube in order to show his talents to his family members but things did go in an unexpected way and he had millions of followers from all around the world. The successful artist managed to attract the attention of all people in the form of both love and hate and we guess there is no one like this on the earth which has followers equal to his haters.
However Justin Bieber began to lose his popularity in time but it seems like the artist did not like the way he was going. This is why he managed to do things to stay on the agenda but these acts made everything worse for him. Today he still releases singles and albums however his sale are not that much about two or three years ago. His immature behaviour also are not accepted by his followers too and he is losing them one by one in each passing day. What do you think about him and his popularity do you believe that he will have a good come back from this point?

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