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Sometimes I am thinking humankind knows everything and there is no more evidence for a science. This is a insane approaches for a human and the world. Actually, after all things no need much more information or different scıentific action or experiment. Some science news last of months discuss this things.

Know about the theory of everything and about physics, nature of scıence different part of physics teaching all of them. Sometimes possible think but humankind every time should learn different things and information. People also must to follow science magazine because about kind of different information very special news and information can find it. Another important issue sometimes thinks that another view if we destroyed basic scientific knowledge is there a possible move on a future life. Probably after all does not create different issue. Another way we need to understand fundamental situation. Science and information is a very important part for people and the world.

But if we observe the science we are not ready explain to everything and also we don’t have a full of facts book about all science activity and theory. At the university of Oxford or different big university create different issue or theory for a people development. So development does not end.



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